About Us

Capture Eye is a Sri Lankan creative establishment. We have been able to strike just the right balance between local talent and creating an international experience. We have a team of creatives who are experts at what they do, and who come from different walks of life to create experiences that are unique to each brand and what they want to tell their audience. With the knowledge, skills and resources, as well as technology that we have, we cater to multiple domains such as television commercials, corporate videos and animations. We also provide high quality photography services such as commercial, event, hotel and landscape as well as fashion photography. Additionally our team of experts are also able to create augmented/virtual reality, or impeccably curated cinematographic experiences for discerning audiences.


Our founder Chameera Laknath (  Bsc (Hons) UK, MBA (UK), ACIM (UK) ), recognized for his marketing skills by many an accolade, has combined his experience in the field of marketing and his thorough knowledge of branding, in order to cater to your business needs, and create a final product that will help make your business goals a reality. His willingness to go the extra mile for his customers and his attention to detail are both values that Capture Eye itself imbibes, in not simply resting at your ubiquitous event coverage. Instead, the organization’s commitment and passion for thinking outside the box, and doing something different, is exactly what quickly allowed the organization to rise up from its humble beginnings and differentiate itself from fellow competitors.


We look forward to joining hands with you, on your journey to excellence and success!